Leadership is the power to choose, to act, and to inspire.


Leadership consultant torchbearer.

 Dr. Mariana Lebrón is a motivational speaker known for her passionate programs that provoke action through engaging anecdotes and inspirational success stories of people who overcame adversity to make a difference. Torchbear. As a past Olympic torchbearer, she provides keynotes and programs that are motivational, engaging, individually-designed, and full of proven research on leadership effectiveness.  Dr. Lebrón is known for her charismatic appeal, professionalism, and the unique compassionate way in which she appeals to your inner critic in challenging you to take action now by defeating self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. In the end, she inspires you to envision a new way of life in which you are the leader makinga positive change in our world. 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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