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Game Design: Re-imagining Learning and Teaching Leadership Through Active Gameplay 

Lebrón, M.J. & Lasley, J. (2022). (invited scholar author). In S. Komives & K. Guthrie (Eds.) New Directions for Student Leadership. Wiley Publishing.

       Counterproductive work behaviors toward organization and leader-member exchange: The                  mediating roles of emotional exhaustion and work engagement.

                  Lebrón, M.J., Tabak, F., Shkoler, O. Rabenu, E. (2018). Organization Management Journal, 15(4): 159-173                        

Applying strategic management theory to practice: Designing a “live” case competition for a capstone course.

Lebrón, M.J., Brannon, D, Sanford, D., and Ellison, L. (2019). Journal of Management Education, 44(1): 66-100.


Heavy-work investment &demographics in 9 countries: Did Covid-19’s context make a difference?

Shkoler, O., Rabenu, E., Iqbal, M., Ferrari, F., Hatpoglu, B., Roazzi, A., Kimura, T., Tabak, F., Vasiliu, C., Tziner, A., & Lebrón, M.J (2021). Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 

The Impact of Heavy-Work Investment and Person-Organization Fit on the Relationship between Job Engagement, Managerial Role and Burnout: A Moderated-Mediation Analysis in a Cross-Cultural Case.

Rabenu, E., Shkoler, O., Tabak, F., & Lebrón, M. (2019). Current Psychology, 38:1-18.


Leader-and team-member exchanges and their relationships with organizational and interpersonal counterproductive work behaviors: Moderation by envy and group size in USA and Israel.

       Shkoler, O., Rabenu, E., Lebrón, M.J., & Tabak, F. (2019). Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 35(3): 145-156.

Leading in the Real World: Operationalizing a power-based model of collaboration for leadership experiential learning. (2018 BEST TEACHING & LEARNING PAPER AWARD)

Lebrón, M.J. & Tabak, F. (2018) Organization Management Journal, 15(1): 110-129. 

Power to Influence Leadership Perceptions and Innovatively Challenge the Status Quo:

President Donald Trump and Social Activism

Lebrón, M.J. (2018). , Journal of Leadership Education, 17(2): 92-122.

The empowering role of profession-based student organizations in developing student leadership capacity.

Lebrón, M.J., Stanley, C. L, Kim, A.J., & Thomas, K.H. (2017). . In S. Komives & K. Guthrie (Eds.) Role of Student Organizations in Developing Leadership. Wiley Publishing. (Co-written with my students)


Implementing an undergraduate case competition in strategic management:

Steps and early lessons.

Ross, D.N., Rosenbloom, A., Lebron, M.J. (2017). International Journal of Case Method Research & Application,

29(2): 102-115.

When social identities integrate: Green entrepreneurs leading sustainability through Schumpeterian innovation.

Lebrón, M.J., & Brannon, D. (2018). Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, 24(3): 1-25.


Strategy Spotlight 13.5: Case Competition Assignment.

Ellison, L., Sanford, D., Basuray, T., Brannon, D., Gass, S., Kaynama, S., Kopka, D., Lebron, M., Lien, J., Paul, W., Ross, D., Thavikulwat, P. (2018). Strategic Management, Creating Competitive Advantage, 9th edition (9th ed., pp. 416-417). New York, New York: McGraw Hill.

Learning by doing in leadership education: experiencing followership and effective leadership communication through role-play.

Tabak, F., & Lebrón, M.J. (2017) Journal of Leadership Education, 16(2).

Book review- Lean in: Women, work, and the will to lead.  

Lebrón, M.J.  2016. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 15(1): 200-204.


"Leading for Change"

Lebrón, M.J.(2004). In S. Hurd & R. Stein (Eds.), Building and Sustaining Learning Communities (p.110-120). Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing.


Works in Progress

Lebrón, M.J. & Swab, R.  Students as Game Designers: Developing Cooperative Strategy Board Games for Training High-Performing Teams


Lebrón, M.J. & Arora, P.  “Board Power and Pay-for-Performance: Do Prestige and Structural Power Inequalities Affect Monitoring in High-Performing Firms?”  Infographic


Lebrón, M.J.  “Piloting (Paper) Airplanes of Responsibility: Leaders Facilitating Effective, Safe, Inclusive Team Communication”


Lebrón, M.J. “Strategic Saboteurs: A Power-Based Framework for Top Manager and Middle Manager Sabotage in the Strategic Management Process” (Under Review)


Lebrón, M.J. Power of the Pitch: Voicing Your Unique Leadership Voice in 60 Seconds or Less

Lebrón, M.J., & Darden, T. “Influence of Psychological Experiences of Power and Procedural Justice on Faculty of Color (FOC) Retention and Performance.”


Brown, J., & Lebrón, M.J.., How Age and Gender Stereotypes Affect Perceived Warmth, Competence, and Qualifications During the Interview Process: The First Steps Towards a Theoretical Framework


Lebrón, M.J. Women Power Coalitions and Firm Performance




Lebrón, M.J., Imagining Baltimore’s Future through Strategic Alliances: Innovative Power in our Voices

Baltimore Business Review, A Maryland Journal, 2017


Lebrón, M.J., Passing the torch on the #SassyDreamingTour

Business Dialogue, CBE, Spring 2017

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