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#SassyDreamingTour Inspirational Moments


"Thank you for lifting the spirits of the kids in a way that I would not have been able to! You brought so much joy and inspiration to the unit!: -

Nicole Rieper, Inova Children's Hospital (Hematology/Oncology)

Adrea Jaehnig, Director of Student Life, Maine College of Art

"Dr. Mariana Lebron is a gifted storyteller and motivational speaker. She is encouraging and inspiring a new generation of college students to tell their stories, believe in their dreams, and never give up. I highly recommend her as a speaker for a large campus event, conference keynote, or as workshop or retreat facilitator on a variety of topics including leadership, new student orientation, diversity and social justice. I have seen students from all backgrounds wait in long lines to speak with her individually after her talks. Dr. Mar is the real deal!" 

Amit Taneja, Chief Diversity Officer, College of the Holy Cross

"Dr. Lebron is an amazing facilitator, educator, role-model and motivational speaker. She was able to speak to a diverse audience about issues of social justice, equity, leadership, and collaboration. She is able to connect the mind and the heart and move the audience towards concrete commitments of action. Her message was exactly what we needed for the large student leadership conference we had organized, and the standing ovation at the end was testament of her skills & abilities as a speaker."

Kimberly Williams, Training & Development Coordinator, Syracuse University  Office of Residence Life

“Mariana was a brilliant presenter who was thoughtful and kind. The best memory I have of Mariana as a presenter was when she did a little research about the participants in the audience and used it as part of her presentation. The students were VERY impressed and as the presentation coordinator, it made a lasting impact on me. It is this care and thoughtfulness that Mariana is known for and this attention to detail sets her apart from other presenters.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you shared.  I think it was a very powerful message, and I know that my students also enjoyed it.I also really liked your analogy of loving to dance in a world that doesn't always play your music. Thank you again for your powerful message “ 

Kristen, Student Affairs Administrator

From Students....

"Some professors actually teach while others stand in front of the room and talk at their students- Lebron is the former. She understands how people learn and tailors her lectures in order to get students to really understand.  Makes boring material interesting with real life examples."

- Undergraduate student, Organization Theory 


"The way Dr. Lebron teaches her material encouraged me to put in more effort into my work and exams, more than any other course I have taken." - Undergraduate student, Staffing & Retention


"Concepts discussed were easily applied to real life situations and can help in the professional world."

- Undergraduate student, Organization Theory

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