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Experiential learning initiative uses gamification to teach team building to Gen Z workforce


Meet TU student Commencement speakers...
One who credits Dr. Lebron's mentorship.

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The PhD Project was founded as an initiative of accounting giant KPMG’s foundation. The firm’s leadership believed that the way to cultivate more diversity among their business candidates was to work on diversity among college and university faculty...Dr. Lebron talks about her experience. 

Diversity and the Higher Education Pipeline with Jamie Casap


Dr. Lebron joins Jamie Casap, Google Education Evangelist, for the webcast "Diversity in the Higher Education Pipeline" sponsored by WCET.


“I will forever use my voice to advocate for those who have earned their right to pursue educational and career opportunities not because of how they look, but because they are competent and have earned that right to sit at the table,” she said.

“My hope is to live my life with honor and integrity, as those are key values in what it means to be a Lebrón in my family.”

Dr. Lebron Advocates for Underrepresented Students & Faculty in Washington D.C.


Dr. Lebron joins the PhD Project in meeting with representatives from the U.S. Department of Education, the White House Initiative for Excellence in Higher Education for Hispanics,  Native Americans, and African Americans in discussing issues impacting the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and students

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