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I'm a Gamer Now! (PAX Unplugged 2022)

Well, not sure I'm a "gamer" per se, but I have now become officially "hooked" as they said at the recent PAX Unplugged 2022. So, thus- begins my Journey to find out what this "gaming" world is all about. The people, their stories, leadership wisdom you would not imagine. And let's just say walking and talking innovation that will make your head spin a good way... Stay tuned... Dr Mar's Gamer Speak coming soon -- Jan 2023!

And the greatest thing about PAX 2022 is the inspirational leadership stories of these people --- their journeys in unleashing the power in their voices to inspire change. Can't wait to tell their stories soon... Come back January 20, 2023 ... well, only if you want to be... inspired.

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